Aim for Love

Love starts by defining what you’re after. Think of Content Marketing in the same way.

Four Questions


Who, What, Where, Why? Four things to ask before you commit.

Secrets of Romance


Helpfulness is attractive. Selling isn’t. You do want to be attractive, don’t you?

Why You Should Read This eBook

It’s tempting to see Content Marketing as a hot newcomer in business. But don't fall for the first beguiling content to come along. Use our four-step Content Marketing process to guide your way.

Entente Marketing
Entente loves content marketing. We're B2B veterans who can help you find love in all the right places!

Tom Kuder
Founder and President, Entente Marketing

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"Entente delivers marketing content with high quality and in a timely manner."

Mike Thomas
Director Global Content Marketing, Pitney Bowes Software

Content Marketing Isn't a One-Night Stand!

Instead of temptation, find true love. This ebook shows you how.

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